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Learners’ Views: New Secondary Playground

We sought the opinions of Secondary-Aged learners and Staff on our new playground.

Positive Feedback
Feedback on what they would like

“It’s awesome!” - Ria from Class L6

“We have footballs and football posts, but there are basketball hoops - could we have some basketballs?” Connor from Class L10

(**Extended Leader Tom has bought basket balls in response to the feedback!)

“It’s lovely, all the children are entertained and happy everywhere you look” - Grace, Class Teacher from L6


“We have a basketball field now - we like it!” - Jerimiah from Class L8


“They enjoy exploring it so much they don’t want playtime to finish” - Suhail, Class Teacher from F7


‘’Callum stayed out here all playtime - which he didn’t usually do.  He’s been playing competitions with me” - Chris, Teaching Assistant from Class L8


“We have football, places to climb - it’s good” Nicholas from Class L10

“It’s so much better! The children are happy and have a nice area to sit with their friends and equipment to play on” Carol Teaching Assistant from Class L6