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Our Learning

Our curriculum ambition is to enable our learners to have, ‘the skills to live the life they want’. The curriculum provision caters for learners who have a range of complex cognitive difficulties alongside sensory, physical and/or behavioural barriers to learning.

The aspirational-led curriculum aims to:

  • Provide equal opportunities, delivered through a curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and reflects cultural diversity

  • Provide a stimulating learning environment that promotes effective learning and enables the learner to experience a sense of enjoyment and achievement

  • Have plans that are sequential and create opportunities for repetition to embed knowledge and skills

  • Facilitate greater fluency, independence, maintenance and transference of skills to varied contexts

  • Provide progression and continuity of learning that is suited to individual needs and outcomes as set out in learners EHCP’s

  • Maximise the learners’ potential in mobility, physical abilities, communication skills, sensory capabilities, resilience and personal independence

  • Incorporate ‘life skills’ into our offer to enable our learners to transfer and apply their learning to ‘real-life’ contexts

  • Encourage each learner to recognise, record and celebrate positive achievements in all areas of personal, educational and community life

  • Regularly and consistently record each learners progress using appropriate methods of formative and summative assessment

  • Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of learners’ at the academy, and within society

  • Ensure equality of opportunity regardless of gender, race, culture, religion, social disadvantage or disability

  • Maintain a flexible, creative and reflective approach to curriculum design to ensure that our curriculum is appropriate, motivating and offers the right level of challenge and support