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Parent Workshops

Parental workshops feedback from September - October 2022

Jewellery-making workshop delivered by Adult services:

This was our very first workshop of this academic year, parents really enjoyed making jewellery using different coloured beads.

We had some amazing feedback such as:

“Thank you for having us at school and brightening up our week, it was nice to make some time for ourselves. It was nice meeting you in person Masuma.”

“Very good activity for parents”

Visual Support Workshop by Jila Chishimba (Head of our Autism Pathway):

This session was divided into 2 parts, parents learnt how visuals support can help people with communication difficulties & they got the opportunity to put together personalised visuals for their child.

The workshop was very well received by parents:

“The workshop was hands-on experience, thank you for the opportunity”

“Excellent workshop, very useful. I am sure it will make life easier for both myself and my child. Very competent staff, helpful and gave confidence”