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Useful Information


Regular attendance at school is vital for children to learn as much as they can and achieve their full potential. Keep up-to-date with our latest attendance information in the newsletters below.

More details on our “Leave in Term Time” procedure is provided below:

Extreme Weather

If the Academy closes due to extreme weather we will notify Parents / Carers via SMS message. So please ensure your contact information is kept up to date.

We will also inform the following local radio stations:

Free Radio 
Radio WM
Heart Radio 

Calthorpe Academy App

Dear Parents/Carers,

Our main method of communicating with parents is now our mobile phone APP called ‘SZapp’. This will allow us to avoid printing letters, newsletters and other correspondence. This will save costs and ensure Calthorpe is more environmentally friendly.

 We would like every parent to download our SZapp because of the following significant benefits:

  • Quick links to school and transport contact numbers, Parentpay and our website

  • School term dates and school calendar

  • Parent workshop information and reminders

  • Options to receive class, department and whole School news

  • Important messages and reminders

  • School newsletters direct to your phone

  • Information about your child’s curriculum

  • Information can be translated into different languages

The app does not collect or share any personal information with other parties. It is safe and easy to download. If you have any questions or need help to install/resolve technical issues for the SZapp then please contact me for support and I will help to resolve your issues.

To install the Calthorpe SZapp on your phone please carefully follow all of these instructions. It is critical that you select ‘push notifications’ and the correct department and class for your child so I have printed it on the instruction sheets for you.

Please install within a couple of days to help us set up the system.

We really appreciate your support as we continue to build and develop positive steps to improve our partnership.

Yours Sincerely,

Laura Marsden, Assistant Headteacher.